Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has formally requested that the proposed Towne Center project be placed on the Warren Council Agenda for the Tuesday, September 14 meeting at 7 PM.

This issue has been delayed for many months by the council, but a vote is needed rather than try to delay it to death. In a recent meeting with the leader of the council, Mayor Jim Fouts asked when a vote would be taken, and the response was next year. Next year is too late! We need a walkable downtown now! This nearly 5-year project will do the following:

1) No tax increase cost on Warren residents

2) Creation of over 1,000 construction jobs

3) 500-600 commercial jobs  

4) $2,500,000 in new taxes

5) $250,000,000 in new investment for Warren

6) This project will provide funding for Fire Station Number 4 as well as funding for the new Fire Administrative building.  

7) This will attract new residents and business investments

8) Travelers visiting family, friends, TACOM, GM, Chrysler and other businesses will spend their money in Warren

9) $130,000,000 will be invested by the developers of this project

*The bonding will be paid for by MEDC funding, recaptured moneys from the DDA tax, and various grants. Warren residential taxpayers will pay nothing!
*Please show up or call to support this New Downtown*

Warren Council meetings are held at the Warren Community Center Auditorium located at 5460 Arden Road, Warren, MI 48092, just west of Mound Road.