Warren Mayor James Fouts has officially accepted the resignation of Jamie Roe a member of this administration. Jamie has been a very hard-working employee regarding organization and planning for the COVID-19 Vaccine Center last week as well as planning on the COVID Testing at city hall and, also the Forgotten Harvest food distribution every Monday. This is another example of a dedicated Warren employee being targeted by the City Council.

Mr. Roe was denied his due process in several aspects, including the press release against him before an inquiry into the nature of his work, in addition he was mirandized by the city council on Tuesday further denying due process.

This has a CHILLING EFFECT on Warren employees including:

  • Denial of Free Speech  
  • Harassment of city employees
  • Repeated attempts to intimidate and embarrass
  • Targeting
  • Selected attacks on certain employees
  • Interference with serving and protecting the public

Jamie resigned with class by pleading with the council to work with the mayor to serve and protect our citizens against the COVID virus and other such issues and wished both the mayor and council well in working together not the council engaging in political retaliation.  Jamie is not the first employee to be selectively targeted and we are currently in Macomb Circuit Court over previous targeting of the City Attorney and Executive Administrator.

This targeting has resulted in a lawsuit by the council to defend their targeting. This is a costly lawsuit initiated by the council costing an estimated 1/2 million dollars or more of taxpayer dollars.

Many employees are not comfortable in speaking with council for fear of retaliation. With that in mind, Warren Mayor Fouts is requesting that council follow the city charter and contact the Mayor regarding any further communication rather than contact employees. Mayor Fouts pleads with the city council to work with him to better serve the citizens of the City of Warren and avoid harassing our hard-working employees.  

Mayor Fouts stands ready to defend both city employees and Warren citizens against the denial of free speech at Warren council meetings.