Warren Mayor James Fouts

Warren Mayor James Fouts

An American Elected Official and the incumbent Mayor of the third largest city in Michigan.
“The City That Cares.”

Warren Mayor James Fouts wants the residents of Warren to know that he cares about the services the city provides. Warren offers a wide variety of services to our residents ranging from issuing birth certificates and dog licenses to parks and recreation and library activities. The Mayor's philosophy is “We work for Warren taxpayers.”

Warren Mayor James Fouts

Community Development

The Mayor’s accomplishments have greatly improved the quality of life in Warren.
The cost saving initiativesimplemented by the Mayor saved the City of Warren significant expenditures.
Through a coordinated approach spearheaded by the Mayor, the City of Warren has enjoyed a steady decrease in both property crimes and violent crimes.

The Mayor's Philosophy

“We work for Warren taxpayers.”

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