The City of Warren will accept a $707,798.33 check from DTE representing the annual savings resulting from the City’s LED conversion project.  Converting all 11,715-city streetlights to LED began in 2014, and is now completed, saving the City over $700,000 annually.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said the payback on the $3.1 million investment will be 3.8 years.  “LED streetlights are brighter, longer-lasting and more energy efficient,” said Fouts, “LED street lighting provides our residents with safer streets, increasing visibility aiding in crime reduction and detection.”

The breakdown on the LED conversion project is:

  • 11,715 total fixtures converted.
  • $3,123,897.95 total investment by the City of Warren
  • $414,300 total Energy Optimization Grant – State of Michigan.
  • $361,410 total DTE Labor Contributions.


Media Note:

DTE will present the City of Warren a check for $707,798.33 representing the annual savings on today at 11:30 a.m. in the Mayor’s Office.