An Exciting Weekend for America as we inaugurate a new President and we say farewell to the current President.


Mayor Fouts believes both men have been and will be agents of change.

Both had historic elections.

Former President Obama accomplished some important things:960px-President_Barack_Obama

Former President Obama saved Chrysler and GM

Former President Obama was an intelligent communicator for the American people

Former President Obama pushed forth with programs that were designed to help out the average American.

Former President Obama cut the budget deficit and made us stronger economically.

Former President Obama was a strong voice against global warming and helped get important agreements to stop global warming. This was a record year for global warming.






Mayor Fouts believes President Trump will accomplish the important things during his term:


President Trump will also keep us out of war.

President Trump will be a great builder like Eisenhower was in the 1950’s. He will repair our highways, bridges and other infrastructure.

President Trump will work toward removing the negative aspects of NAFTA and he will promote jobs for more Americans not allowing jobs to continue to go overseas.

President Trump will insist that Europe and other countries pay their fair share and not allow our tax dollars to be drained by other countries.

President Trump will keep programs that are working and change programs that are not!

President Trump will speak strongly against companies going overseas to manufacture goods.


Both Former President Barak Obama and current President Donald Trump are their own persons. They both have a strong view that we should not sacrifice American blood for costly regime changes in the Middle East or elsewhere.

Hopefully President Obama and Trump will have a good working relationship as some Presidents have done recently to help make America Great!