Warren Police and Fire Recognize 9 For Civilian Awards Warren, MI

Nine individuals will be recognized by Warren Mayor Jim Fouts and the Warren Police and Fire Departments for special civilian awards at 2 p.m. Wednesday October 10 in the Mayor’s office.

The actions taken by these individuals are:

  • Three individuals for helping to coax a woman from jumping off a freeway. (Dejuan Craddock, Jacquelinn Fernandez, Mark Hammerschmidt)
  • Two individuals found a heart attack victim in his vehicle and gave him CPR until paramedics arrived and transported him to a hospital where he underwent emergency bypass surgery. (Patrick Quick and Brian West)
  • A security guard at a local business assisted Warren police who were physically confronted by two assault-and-battery suspects who were later placed under arrest for resisting and obstructing officers, domestic assault and battery and three counts of assault and battery. Warren police reported that they could have faced serious injury without help from this individual (John Hamill).
  • One individual discovered a small child locked inside a locked vehicle. The child was crying, was re-faced and sweating. Unable to open the doors or windows, this individual took the initiative by breaking the vehicle’s window. She noted the infant’s skin was too hot to touch and poured cold water on her before an EMS crew arrived. Her actions saved a 5-month-old infant from serious injury. (Kristin Tozer).
  • An individual, CVS customer observed a larceny and followed the suspect on foot for one mile until police arrived and arrested him. The suspect is under suspicion for other pharmacy robberies. (Nicholas Warunek).
  • An elementary school student woke up her family in the middle of the night because she smelled something burning. The family escaped before firefighters arrived. (Jamirah Smith).

These individuals deserve recognition for their quick action and bravery, “said Mayor Fouts.” “They serve as models for all citizens.”