Mayor Fouts will interview Investigative Reporter

Interview with Investigative Reporter Joel Kurth – on Fouts Forum this weeks.

Warren Mayor James Fouts will interview Joel Kurth during the Mayor’s Call In Show on 910 News Radio Titled “Fouts Forum”.  Joel Kurth is an Award-winning investigative reporter with the Detroit News.  Joel will be interviewed by the Mayor  on Fouts Forum, airing this Saturday, September 10 from 4-5 p.m. on 910 AM Radio.

Joel Kurth has been reporting on problems with dirty surgical instruments used at the Detroit Medical Center for more than 10 years and was part of the team that broke the story on the DMC surgeries.

The News reported in its August 24, 2016 that for years “improperly, cleaned, broken and missing instruments have complicated and cancelled dozens of operations at the DMC five-hospital campuses in Detroit.”

“This report is very shocking for anyone who has ever had a need to go to a hospital for surgery.  After reading this report, I felt like one might be taking a chance on getting a serious, if not fatal, infection from any surgical procedure,” said Mayor James Fouts in a statement.

Listeners are invited to call in during the program (phone: 313-209-9000).

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