Warren Mayor Jim Fouts Honors 6 Centenarians; Including 104 Year Old Woman At Luncheon June 30 at Noon

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts Honors 6 Centenarians;  Including a Woman who has recently tuned 104 years old at a special Luncheon. 

At the direction of the Mayor of the City of Warren, Jim R. Fouts, six centenarians will be honored at a complimentary luncheon Thursday, June 30 at noon in the Mayor’s conference room located in Warren City Hall. 

The Centenarians are individuals who are either residents of Warren or related to Warren residents, with each honoree bringing a guest. 

“This ceremony to honor the elderly is the city’s way of recognizing and honoring 100 year-olds,” says Mayor Fouts.  “Hopefully, they will share tips we can all use to experience a longer life.”  Added the Mayor.

Each year, the city honors Warren residents who are 80 years of age or older with a special ceremony and a special luncheon.  Mayor Fouts was pleased more centenarians are attending this annual luncheon. 

“I will sponsor this centenarian luncheon every year, and I anticipate more attending each year, as more and more reach this milestone age,” said Mayor Jim Fouts in a statement.