Zero Water Filters being collected to Flint Residents

Mayor Jim R. Fouts is Collecting Zero Water Filters being collected to Flint Residents.

Mayor Fouts said in a statement that the Zero Water Filter can be used on multiple water faucets to filter lead. (1)

(image courtesy of Zero Water)

Mayor Jim Fouts also stated that the filters will be collected at in City Hall at the Mayor’s office and as well as at Warren Fire Stations. Warren Mayor Fouts stated that most Flint residents are “hard-pressed financially and would make good use of this filter.”

“Flint residents are victims of government inaction and deserve all of the help we can give them,” said Mayor Fouts in a statement.  Mayor Fouts directed the Police Department’s CERT  (Community Emergency Response Team) to deliver the much needed filters to the affected residents.


The Office of the Mayor of the City of Warren, State of Michigan.