100 Years and Counting – Mayor Fouts To Honor a Warren Centenarian

100 Years and Counting – Mayor James Fouts To Honor a Warren Centenarian

Warren Mayor James Fouts will make a special trip Tuesday, April 4 at 2:30 p.m. to present a mayoral proclamation to Beatrice Keel, who turns 105 years-old today.

Last summer Mayor Fouts hosted a luncheon for residents  of Warren who are Centenarians, and Beatrice Keel was among the honored attendees.

“Beatrice was born before World War I began and experienced the Great Depression and World War I. “She grew up watching America become a world power,” said Mayor Fouts in a statement.

“She has also been active in the city’s parks and recreation program and watched the City of Warren become the state’s third largest city in population.” Added the Mayor.

Throughout his tenure as Mayor of the third largest city in Michigan, James Fouts has tirelessly worked to promote recognition of our eldest citizens with multiple community development initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the residents of Warren.

Warren Mayor James R. Fouts