Mayor James R. Fouts established the City of Warren Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) to promote green initiatives throughout the City of Warren.  The City of Warren EAC is tasked with advising the Mayor on energy efficiency issues in order to mitigate climate change.

Mayor James R. Fouts, a staunch supporter of climeate action, has spearheaded multiple Energy Efficiency Projects that tackle and mitigate challenges thrown up by climate change.

During Mayor Fouts’ tenure, imporvments in energy efficiency and conservation initiaitves led to the reduction of energy use at city facilities.

Among some of the more notable “Going Green In Warren” projects, which range from energy efficiency and conservation, to promotion of rural farming, green roofs, recycling and more, is the citywide LED streetlight conversion program, which is two years ahead of schedule.

The program is the largest collaborative municipal LED conversion effort undertaken to date by DTE Energy, and is responslble for converting 6,329 mercury vapor streetlights to LED, saving the city $500,000 a year in energy costs, and drastically reducing the environmental footpriont.

Mayor Jim Fouts, sought a program that would not only benefit the taxpayers of his City, but also reduce the city’s environmental footprint.  This first of its kind program, designed around three specific goals, accomplished cost reduction, mitigative climate action, and safety for residents.

“Brighter lights mean less cover for the bad guys, and so therefore we help to deter and discourage crime,” said Mayor Fouts in a statement, adding that DTE is using the LED Converson project as model to “sell LED conversion to other cities.”

According to recent figures, the LED conversion project but will save the Warren Taxpayers $5.9 million over the next 15 years with rebates and energy savings.