Heroic 3-Year-Old Girl Who Saved Her Mother’s Life To Receive a Mayoral Resolution July 17

Savannah Lavely, a heroic three-year-old, is credited with saving her mother’s life, will receive a mayoral proclamation from Warren Mayor Jim Fouts on Tuesday, July 17 at 2:30 p.m. in the Mayor’s Office.

Savannah was on a walk with her mom, Jessica, and their dog, Juno, when Jessica suddenly had a seizure.

Savannah ran the block and a half back to her house to get help from her grandparents who were visiting the family’s home.  She led her grandparents back to her mom where help was called.

Warren Mayor James R. Fouts will recognize Savannah’s strength and courage to help save her mother’s life with a Mayoral Resolution, to commemorate the 3-year old hero and convey gratitude on behalf of the City of Warren.

Warren Mayor James R. Fouts