Mayor James R. Fouts – Thursday random concerns ….

Time change: Isn’t it time that the legislature look at making just one time so that we don’t have to go through the disruption every spring and every fall? It adversely affects productivity and health.  t Rep. Pete Lucido has a proposal before the legislature to keep daylight savings time year-round.  Research and data backs up the need to have one time whether it be daylight or standard.

Zika Virus: The City of Warren needs to be prepared for the Zika Virus again this summer.  Recent studies demonstrate that the virus may cause a permanent disability that keeps the victim at a stage of a 3-month-old child for the rest of their life. (see below).

Mayor Fouts is hopeful that the City of Warren Council, or at the least one member or more of the city council, will reconsider this bad deal for the residents of Warren which keeps delaying the implementation of the current plan that will be less expensive and allow local control over the sewer connections and water rates.

Microcephaly sets in the unborn after the Zika bites a pregnant woman. This condition causes a variety of conditions including misshapen heads, seizures, weaknesses, and stiffness in muscles and joints preventing them from lifting their heads, clubbed feet, vision and hearing problems, and ferocious irritability. They have permanent neurological development closer to that of 3-month old infants. This 3-month-old brain may last for a life time. This will require expensive and extensive care for decades.  Very frightening and devastating for parents. That is why Mayor Fouts strongly favors extensive mosquito eradication measures and the proposed bill which was held up in Congress last year to fight the Zika epidemic.


We need to start preparing for Zika now not when it is too late in the summer. This is a horrendous crime against the unborn and Mayor Fouts strongly favors preventing this from ever happening.

Every child deserves a good future free from this horrible malady!