P.A.I.D. – “People Against Illegal Drugs.”

P.A.I.D. – “People Against Illegal Drugs.”


Mayor Foutys is very pleased with the response to the City of Warren’s new campaign aimed at discouraging drug pushers from using Warren neighborhoods for drug houses.

The City’s campaign of P.A.I.D. is spelled out as “People Against Illegal Drugs.” A reward of $500 will be given for information leading to a search warrant and arrest involving illegal drug sales from a Warren residence.  This in effect means that the City of Warren residents will be the eyes and ears in our war against drug pushers.

Also, it may encourage those who are involved in this business to give police important information in exchange for ready cash of $500.  After all there is “no honor among thieves” that are engaged in this type of business.

Special telephone HOTLINE is 586-574-GUTS for the information and $500 reward.


Program Initiative Background – Warren has seen a spike of 400% in Heroin death OD’s since 2015 from 8 or 9 in 2015 to 32 in 2016.  As of August the CIty of Warren has now equaled its previous record year ( 2016 ) of 32 deaths.  Mayor Fouts wants to stop this horrendous epidemic in its tracks.  Using this great tool to save lives and save our neighborhoods from this onslaught.

The City of Warren also has a program launhed by Mayor Fouts called “Help Not Handcuffs“.  A program created and implemented to help addicts by getting them help from a counselor and hospital. Addicts should be treated as a patient not a criminal. Drug pushers should be jailed and their drug house should be forfeited to the city. Drug forfeiture money is used to fund this campaign. Bottom line is this could help to stem the tide of drug deaths and crime in our neighborhoods.