The American Heart Association recognizes EMS agencies that provide the highest level of pre-hospital care to patients experiencing a specific type of heart attack defined as a ST – Elevated Myocardial Infarction or STEMI for short.  To meet the treatment standards of the American Heart Association requires paramedics in the field to quickly identify STEMI patients in the pre-hospital setting through interpretation of heart rhythms using a 12-lead ECG heart monitor, quickly followed by communication of finding to emergency room doctors and administration of cardiac medications followed by rapid transport to a hospital having cardiac cauterization facilities like St. John Hospital in Warren.

Upon arrival at the hospital, patients bypass the emergency room and proceed directly to the heart cauterization treatment areas were doctors and other medical professionals provide definitive care by opening blocked arteries that restores blood flow to all areas of heart and body.  The combined efforts of Warren Fire Department paramedics in the pre-hospital setting followed by the actions of St. John doctors and many other medical professionals provide STEMI patients with the best possible chance of survival through the minimization of damage to heart muscle, which allows patients to quickly return to an active lifestyle.