Mayor James Fouts strongly opposes the attempt by the State of Michigan to create a tax on the EMS service provided by the City of Warren and other cities.  The City of Warren’s EMS service is by far the best in the state, having won awards for three years in a row.

The American Heart Association gave the City of Warren its “Mission: Lifeline EMS — Gold” award for its prompt treatment of heart attack patients.  In fact, the Warren Fire Department is currently the only municipal agency in the state to have acquired such an award.

Three years later, after Warren voters approved the Police & Fire millage in part to support EMS service, it’s outrageous to think that the State of Michigan is now going to impose a tax on a voter approved tax.

This may potentially cost the City of Warren at least $300,000 with NO guarantee that the Warren will get that money back.

Mayor James Fouts posted that “This is a not so subtle tax on a tax in which an essential public service is targeted. UNBELIEVABLE! I urge you to send me emails regarding this important issue and to contact your local representatives about this unthinkable attempt to shift the tax burden onto local governments in order to alleviate some of the financial responsibility of state government.”

It is also interesting to note that this proposal has strong backing by the private ambulance industry in Michigan, who have long been pushing for legislation that would slow or stop local governments from entering into the EMS treatment and transport service.

As many recall, when Mayor Fouts was first elected over 9 years ago, he eliminated Warren’s private ambulance service and returned the EMS to the City of Warren.  This might go a long way toward reversing the City of Warren’s commitment to a city EMS fire department.

This “tax on a tax” could impact Warren’s EMS service by making it too expensive to service in local communities. Warren Mayor James R. Fouts