The appointment of a new deputy police commissioner.

The appointment of a new deputy police commissioner.

Mayor James Fouts is proud to announce that he has appointed police executive lieutenant Matt Nichols to be the new deputy police commissioner of the City of Warren.  A 17-year Resident of the City of Warren, Matt Nichols has a very impressive resume.  Mayor Fouts first had the pleasure of meeting Matt Nichols when the Mayor accompanied lieutenant Matt Nichols on fireworks patrol several years ago.

At that time, Mayor Fouts recalls, he was indeed very impressed with his patience and compassion.  His ability to see ahead and mitigate a potentially explosive situation with a persuasive calming effect was very impressive.

Lieutenant Matt Nichols understands how to deal with multifaceted situations and individuals from across the spectrum.

Matt Nichols has the right police background and commitment to law enforcement to work under Police Commissioner Jere Green and continue to make the Warren Community safer.

An expert on tackling the prevalence of crime against the elderly, Matt’s leadership in curtailing and preventing elder abuse crimes by leading a consortium of communities to curtail this type of heinous crime against our most vulnerable members of society.

Matt has on many occasions addressed multiple police departments nationwide to bring awareness to this issue.  Prior to becoming the executive lieutenant, Matt Nichols served in multiple positions including an administrative staff sergeant, patrol sergeant, undercover detective, corporal, police officer and of course had supervised the elder crisis task force.

Matt also serves as the project manager for the $10 million upgrade of the police dispatch center that is being developed in coordination with the State and County cooperation.

Police Commissioner Green and Mayor Fouts both agree that Matt’s wide and deep experience in police work will continue to make Warren a better and safer community.

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