12 New Warren Police Officers To Be Sworn in at a special ceremony in the Mayor’s Office.

Ten new officers will replace retired officers and two new officers were added to the 2018-19 budget by Warren Mayor Jim Fouts and Warren City Council.

“All 12 new officers are experienced in Metro Detroit police departments. Among the 12 new officers are three African Americans and two Hispanics. I am proud to say this represents a significant diversity commitment to the Warren Police Department, and I want to commend our Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer and Diversity Coordinator George Anthony for making this possible”, said Mayor Fouts, who has made diversity in Warren a top priority of his administration.

“This represents the largest percentage of diversity hiring in the city which is 42%.” added the Mayor.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has appointed individuals to the following  full-time positions t diversify the city’s workforce: fire commissioner, city attorney, communications director and the only diversity coordinator in the Metro Detroit area.

Also at the ceremony will be announcements of the following promotions:

  • Sergeant Matthew Dillenbeck will be promoted to the rank of lieutenant.
  • Corporals Scott Isaacson, Kevin Borycz, and Daniel Bozek will be promoted to the rank of sergeant.
  • Police Officers Donald Viars, Chad Wolowiec, Timothy Kulhanek, Dale Van horn, and Kevin Nicholas will be promoted to the rank of corporal.

Recent City of Warren Police Department retirees will be honored at the ceremony as well.

City of Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer will be in attendance.