With the announcement that cities in the OMI must avoid running water during the Super Bowl is another reminder of the importance of the City of Warren’s Council voting 5-2 to support Mayor Fouts recommendation to exit from the OMI.  In fact, if the City of Warren had gone with the OMI, the taxpayers of Warren would have had to pay $30 million in repairs.  Because of Mayor Fouts’ foresight, and council support, the City of Warren doesn’t not have to worry about restricting the use of running water during the super bowl, or during any other time.

The cost of the Fraser sinkhole collapse, which is now up to $140 million and growing, will not have to be paid by Warren taxpayers!

Mayor Fouts would also like to state that if the City of Warren can be of ANY assistance to the cities affected by this catastrophic event to please reach out to the Mayor by contact his office

Mayor Fouts is standing by and is ready to assist in any way that he can!

Mayor James Fouts wants Warren to be a good neighbor during a difficult and challenging time for the many Macomb County residents.

In summary, Warren Mayor James Fouts is glad that the City of Warren has its own detention basin that will now save additional taxpayer dollars.