Mayor Fouts just received very sad and devastating news that Art Miller former State Senator and current lobbyist had passed away suddenly today!

Art was someone who I could call on 24/7 about issues with state government. He got things done whether as Senate Majority/Minority leader or as our lobbyist. The longest serving State Senator from Warren. He was a true servant of the people of Warren. He helped Michigan get state aid and federal aid during the the great flood of 2014.

He has been a strong voice for Warren government and citizens as he fought to keep our revenue sharing and fought bad legislation. He single-handedly did more effective representation for Warren than all of our representatives and senators in Lansing. He was a professional with a passion for getting things done. He is irreplaceable and he will be greatly missed.

He could work with Republican or Democratic Governors and legislative leaders. He cared about his city, his family, and most importantly in getting the job done! Mayor Fouts is shocked by this sudden devastating event. He was a good friend and loyal representative of the City of Warren. My deepest sympathy to his family!

“He was a proud father and grandfather. My prayers especially to his wonderful wife Marsha. God speed! I’m having the flag at city hall lowered out of respect for a great city and state leader.*”  said Mayor Fouts in a statement.

*Art Millers father was Warren’s first Mayor, Art Miller Sr., and a leader in the development of Warren. His mother, Edna, was long term county clerk. His son Derek was a former State Representative, County Treasurer, and Assistant County Prosecutor. This is a proud family with a proud tradition of public service.