City of Warren Mayor’s Office Honors Heroes on this Silver Service Banner Day;

May 1 is Silver Star Service Banner Day and is recognized across our nation as the day to honor our heroes.

The Silver Star Families of America (SSFOA) provides a Silver Star Service Banner to those wounded or injured during times of war.  The Blue Star Banner is for anyone who served and the Gold Star Banner is for those who gave their lives.

The Office of Warren Mayor James Fouts will be honoring all 14 families that have a Silver, Blue and Gold Star Banner on Wednesday, May 1.

The Silver Star Service Banner indicates a family that has suffered wounds or injury while in the military during time of war.  SSFOA is dedicated to supporting and assisting wounded, ill, injured and dying active duty military personnel and veterans and their families of all branches of service from all wars.

SSFOA’s goal is to recognize the blood sacrifice of wounded and those with injuries and illnesses originating in a war zone and to remember their efforts by honoring them with the Silver Star Service Banners.

Qualifications include:  Purple Heart recipients, victims of friendly fire, those who suffer from PTS, Agent Orange effects and Gulf War syndrome.


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