City of Warren’s EMS Service Earns 4th Consecutive American Heart Association Gold Award

The City of Warren’s EMS service has won the 4th consecutive Mission: Lifeline Gold Award for outstanding service during 2018.

The award is given by the American Heart Association “for demonstrating continued success in using the Mission: Lifeline EMS Program.”

In the award certificate, (attached) the American Heart Association praised Warren’s EMS service for “the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment guidelines to improve patient care and outcomes in the community for service.”

After earning the Silver Award (second highest) in 2014, Warren’s EMS earned the Gold Award (highest) each year from 2015 to 2018.

The City of Warren is the only municipality in Michigan to earn these awards.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts praised the City’s Fire Commissioner, Skip McAdams and Warren firefighters for their outstanding service.

“Commissioner McAdams converted our EMS service from a private contractor to city-run in 2010, shortly after becoming Warren’s fire commissioner,” the Mayor added in a statement, adding that “His [Commissioner McAdams] record of excellence speaks for itself, and now Warren has the best EMS in Michigan.”

Mayor Fouts said all six fire stations have 24-hour EMS squads with backup.

In 2017, Warren’s Fire Department had 18,500 emergency runs including 14,000 EMS incidents and received nearly $3 million in EMS revenues in 2017 ($23 million since 2010).