Further IPP Inspection Shows Warren’s Drinking Water Is Safe, No Contamination From I696 ‘Green Goo’

Good news as after Mayor Jim Fouts requested that Warren’s water be completely checked out, the results are in today, and the City’s water is safe to drink. No detectable traces of hexavalent chrome plating were found by our IPP inspectors. So that green ooze of Madison Heights / Oakland County has not been detected in Warren’s water!

In the Mayor’s opinion, this problem might have been prevented had either Madison Heights or Oakland County had an IPP inspection system to closely monitor various industrial plants in the Madison Heights area. Warren’s Industrial Pre-Treatment Program ( IPP ) inspectors are highly trained to do a thorough job. They are closely monitoring several businesses in Warren that do use hexavalent. They can quickly respond if a leak is detected. The leak in Madison Heights first got out of control in 2015-2016. Authorities did not do a good job of thoroughly cleaning up the site. It was a surface clean up without checking the ground water. Hence, you have this major leakage almost 4 years later.

Responsibility for this mess has to be shared by the former DEQ ( now EGLE ), Oakland County, and Madison Heights. Apparently the EPA did not completely clean up the site and the DEQ had the responsibility to oversee it. Madison Heights does not have an IPP inspection team so they relied on the EPA and the DEQ.

Why has the name of DEQ been changed to EGLE? Could it have something to do with Flint a few years ago or does it have anything to do with the Madison Heights mess that should have been taken care of nearly 4 years ago.

Warren is a good model for what other cities should follow for early detection and the prevention of a man made disaster. Also, credit should be given to Macomb County Public Works Director Candice Miller for taking action immediately and not waiting.

Again, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts would like to personally commend WWTP Director Bryan Clor and Ted Landway leader of the IPP inspection team. Under the outstanding leadership of Bryan Clor this department is taking the initiative ahead of time rather than waiting for something to happen. Thus, we have safe and clean drinking water!