A Statement from Warren Mayor James Fouts

Warren Mayor James Fouts is very sad to learn of the heroin drug overdose and death of two young people in the City of Warren early this morning (1/7/17). Both individuals were both found unconscious and one was deceased and the other is in serious condition. The deceased victim was a 16 year old female and the victim in serious condition is a 20 year old male. This is a devastating loss to the parents of the 16 year old!

Mayor Fouts’ Administration has been waging an unending war against the heroin drug epidemic sweeping the metro area. Our “special ops” of the Warren Police department have raided a number of drug houses in Detroit. We have also been responsible for the indictment of 13 members of the Detroit Polo drug operation in September.

Warren Mayor James Fouts will be meeting with police officials next week to see what additional measures can be taken to stop the needless deaths of young people from this horrible drug. Mayor Fouts believes we must work more on prevention by education.

It is obvious we need more police in Detroit and more help for our special ops to catch these drug pushers.

Recent news discussed a proposal in the state legislature to eliminate the income tax and as a result increase the sales tax and decrease government services. This doesn’t seem to be a good time to reduce government services when it comes to increasing drug Over Doses. The indication is that Police and Fire services would have to be reduced since local government funding will be reduced. Also police and fire pensions are on the line. All of this would reduce funds to fight the drug cartel that causes a multitude of deaths and street crime in the City of Warren and other Michigan neighborhoods.

We really need more funding for education and treatment as well as undercover police operations.