Warren Mayor James Fouts is extremely pleased with the many accomplishments of his administration in 2017.

Mayor Jim Fouts is extremely pleased with the many accomplishments of his administration, the staff, employees and the residents of warren have been able to accomplish and what is still ahead in 2017!

As we usher in a New Year, Mayor James Fouts would like to take this opportunity to again thank his administration, staff, employees and the residents of The City of Warren who, together have made great accomplishments in Fire, Police, Property Maintenance, DPW, Sanitation, and Fund Balance in 2016.


The City of Warren has the best Fire Department in the state. We have won the American Heart Association top award for several years in a row. That has to do with saving lives! We also have new Fire Engines, new EMS vehicles, and lot of other new equipment.  Mayor Fouts would like to thank Skip McAdams and his fire department! A great group of dedicated guys and gals. Top notch professionals who really care!

The City of Warren has the best Police Department in the state.

We have pioneered in the prevention of elder abuse scams. We have led a consortium of other cities. We are fighting a crime that most cities ignored! We have also led the state in the fight against heroin and opioid abuse. We raided several drug homes in Detroit in June and shut down some bad operations. We also helped indict 13 key leaders of the Detroit Polo Heroin Drug operation in September. Great job Jere Green and his fellow Police professionals.


The City of Warren has a strong fund balance, most likely one of the best in the area, in fact, Warren Mayor James Fouts believes Warren has “a very healthy fund balance”.  Because of the Mayor’s initiatives, the City of Warren has drastically reduced over-time and other areas of waste, strengthening Warren’s fund balance in Warren, in order to continually fund much needed programs in the City.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is glad to finally be addressing the issue of chronic flooding. The City of Warren Council passed a much-needed bond to fund the development of a detention basin which finally addresses this chronic issue. This will be money well spent.

Warren City Council approved this initiative by a 5-2 vote.

Warren Mayor James Fouts’ administration is in the process of building a south Warren City Hall, which will include a new mini city hall; fire station, police station, and new library. These initiatives should help spur new development and residency in south Warren and provide a much-needed police facility.


Warren Mayor Jim Fouts’ efforts have brought companies such as General Motors, who have invested $1 billion in a new GM Technical Center.

The City of Warren is currently working on a new veterans project for residency in the city.  Adidtioanly, the City of Warren has a new library going up in February. Dedication ceremonies are still tentative but it should be about that time. This will be located across from Fitzgerald High School.

Mayor Fouts is happy that the City of Warren will finally have the first new first run movie theater in Warren. This dedication is tentatively scheduled for February. The City of Warren hasn’t had a first run movie theater for over 40 years!

Other New Development include  the New Super Meijers at 10 and Schoenherr this year, a New Super Kroger at 13 and Schoenherr, also this year.

Mayor James Fouts is very excited about Gibbs Panning, the firm that planned the new Birmingham development, is currently working on the new Downtown Warren area.  The the City of Warren is setting a goeal for a 5 star hotel and an upscale shopping store including a Whole Food, Papa Joe’s and similar venues.

Mayor James Fouts is happy that many things are happening in Warren with great administrators, great employees, and a great council majority; and is most proud of the great citizens who care and want the City of Warren move forward.

Indeed the best is yet to come in 2017!

Happy New Year!