Mound Park Elementary School Students to Accept School Supplies For Needy Students in Mayor’s Office.

Students from Mound Park Elementary School in the City of Warren will be accepting school supplies from Mayor James Fouts 4th Annual Drive for Needy.  The Fourth (4th) Annual School Supplies Drive brings together  Warren residents and local businesses to help resupply students at Mound Park Elementary School.

Supplies, such as binders, markers, notebooks, paper, pencils, glue and other classroom items were donated by Warren Businesses, city employees and the Residents of Warren.


“Individuals and businesses from all areas of our city donated a variety of school supplies that the students or the school could not afford,” said Mayor James Fouts in a statement.  “These supplies will help to make a better learning environment.”


This is the fourth year the City of Warren has hosted a drive to collect school supplies to help needy students with much needed assistance.