Snow removal in Warren

Warren Mayor James Fouts would like to update all Warren residents that the City has currently completed 33 of 36 sections of the city regarding snow plowing.  The City of Warren has just 3 sections left in the southwest corner. The City of Warren is on schedule considering the fact that the city had to contend with a record 10 inches of snow fall. That amount takes time!

The City of Warren workers will be going through the city after completion to salt areas that have frozen over throughout the city.  Interesting to note that several cities in the area (including Sterling Heights) had to cancel city services (garbage collection) because of lack of snow removal. All of our services (including garbage collection) went off on schedule, but were not cancelled.  DPW workers did a great Job! Sanitation too! Feedback, I’m getting about other cities is that The City of Warren is the best in the area regarding snow removal and garbage pick up!

It is also important to note that Mayor James Fouts was on the phone last night until 10 PM returning calls related to the snow emergencies in the City of Warren.  Many people were happy that police did ticket neighbors who did not remove their vehicles from the street. However, those who received the tickets were not happy and felt that they did not get proper notification for removal. In some instances, they were helping neighbors with snow removal. These Warren residents felt they had been good citizens and should not be punished. One person indicated that he told the neighbor to park the car on the street so that he could plow the driveway. Mayor James Fouts is taking some of their issues into consideration.

However, Mayor Fouts would like to point out to all that when there exists a snow storm of this intensity it’s common sense that you remove your car from the street. Mayor Fouts is however pleased that all calls ended with a good understanding.

Note: Mayor Fouts announced that the snow emergency would begin 9AM Sunday, which was announced on Saturday. There was a grace period as well.