Statement by Warren Mayor James Fouts On the Conversion of an adult entertainment venue into a family oriented neighborhood busine

Mayor Fouts is “pleased by the conversion of the Jon-Jon’s, the topless lounge, into an over 4,000 sq. foot Dairy Queen Grill and Chill at Martin Rd. and Mound.

Part of a larger vision to move Warren forward, this was the result of the efforts of the city attorney’s office, headed by Nathan Vinson, city attorney, and Mary Michaels, chief assistant city attorney, and outside counsel, all of whom represented the City of Warren in the lawsuit by Jon-Jon’s operators in federal court.

“Now, instead of a sexually-oriented adult business, we now have a family-oriented business in the center of our city.” Said the Mayor in a statement.  These and other such initiatives are part of a larger vision to keep moving warren ahead.

“The residents of the neighborhood next to the new business must be pleased by this new business that will include a drive-thru and outdoor seating. The city planning commission approved the site plan Monday, July 24 that will include adequate parking for customers and employees (43 spaces). Residents living on Martin Rd. to the west will not have to deal with overflow parking and traffic.

“This is truly a victory for Warren residents and an asset to (the City of Warren). It eliminates a long-standing chronic eyesore and replaces it with a national iconic, well-known family business.”