Statement of Warren Mayor James Fouts On the Reappointment of William J. Dwyer To Warren Police Commissioner

Statement of Warren Mayor Jim Fouts On the Reappointment of William J. Dwyer To Warren Police Commissioner

“It is with great pride that I announce that Bill Dwyer will return as Warren Police Commissioner, a position he held with the city from 2008 to 2010.”  Said Mayor Fouts in a statement.

William Dwyer resigned after he was elected county commissioner in 2010.  Dwyer will replace Jere Green, who replaced Dwyer in 2010 and retires after nearly 38 years with the police department.

green jere“I respect Jere Green’s service to the city and police department and I wish him well in the future.  Dwyer’s starting date will be Monday, August 14.” Stated the Mayor.



“While Warren’s police commissioner, Dwyer re-organized the neighborhood patrols, established closer relationships with churches and community groups and began programs like children’s police academy and helmet and bicycle give-a-ways.  He also met with every department employee which he will do again.” The Mayor added.

Dwyer9932-WEBWilliam Dwyer will conduct a full management review of the department and assess the operational needs of the department and evaluate the command officer structure.  Bill Dwyer will also promote the expansion of the Neighborhood Watch Program and diversity in the police force, and re-establish the departments K-9 Unit.

Commissioner Dwyer’s record of community service is unmatched, in fact, he is still serving as a trustee on the Beaumont Hospital Health Board.

Bill Dwyer is the recipient of multiple awards, ranging from police department citations and merit awards to recognition by drug enforcement agencies, State of Michigan Legislature, U.S. Secret Service, National League of Cities, Rainbow Coalition, crime fighting organizations and colleges and multi-racial and multi-cultural groups.”

“William Dwyer’s enclosed resume is truly impressive and a tribute to his lifetime of dedication to law enforcement.  Bill Dwyer is a cop’s cop and a professional in all respects.”  Mayor Fouts said.  “Dwyer is the consummate law enforcement professional with an extensive background of 49 years as a law enforcement professional.”  The Mayor added.

Bill Dwyer Resume