A Warren leader, 65 years of dedicated service to the community.

Mayor Fouts was recently invited to attend and speak at the 100th birthday of a Warren resident.  Ann Walters, a 65 year resident of Warren, has accomplished quite a lot in her 100 plus years.

Among those are her leadership in her neighborhood, her dedicated service to her church, and her involvement with the neighborhood school.

Ann Walters exemplifies what John F. Kennedy (another centenarian as of May 29 ) said in 1961: “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.

Ann Walters has been doing just that for 100 years! Mayor Fouts also sent a letter to the President about her and was able to present a personal congratulations letter from President Donald Trump and his wife!

Ann Walters dedication to our community involved going door to door in her neighborhood to solicit for charities such as the Cancer Foundation, MS Foundation, and Leadership for the Blind Foundation.

“You can’t give my mom a gift as she will give it away”. Said Ann Walters son.  “She was everything you can imagine at Roosevelt school in Warren. She was on the PTA Board, Boy Scout Leader, Brownies Leader, and home room mother. She was also a safety crossing guard for many years.”  He added.

In her neighborhood, she also looked out for city workers, utility workers and anyone working outside by providing sandwiches and coffee.  Ann Walters was a supreme volunteer and Mayor Fouts saluted her as Warren Volunteer of the Year.   She enriched her neighborhood and friends by the greatest gift of all and that is the gift of giving without receiving. It’s no wonder she has lived 100 years because of her constant volunteer effort has undoubtedly strengthened her immune system and allowed her to live a very healthy life including today.

She is the proud mother of three children including her son, Reverend David Walters.  She lost a son at age 13 due to an accident on the baseball field when he was fatally injured with a hit ball to his head. She also managed to get her cosmetology degree at age 76 while battling a serious illness that her husband Louis had. She has survived several tragedies only to be stronger in her desire to help others.

What a wonderful woman.

She makes everyone in the City of Warren proud!