Warren Lights Up At City Square in solidarity with multiple awareness campaigns.

Warren Lights Up At City Square Tonight (Red Ribbon Week) As Visible Stand Against Drug Abuse, (Purple) For Domestic Violence Month and (Baby Pink & Baby Blue) for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Warren’s Civic Center Square in front of Warren City Hall will light up from dusk tonight until dawn tomorrow morning in bright red, purple, baby pink and blue, kicking off Red Ribbon Week, bringing awareness to Domestic Violence and Infant Loss, of which October is the awareness month for.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts praised the Warren Center Line Prevention Coalition and CARE of Southeastern Michigan for initiating this red lighting “to bring the public’s attention the growing problem of drug abuse.”

Mayor Fouts said the group’s goal is to promote “a healthy, safe drug free community.”

Also the purple lights for Domestic Violence Month.  National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is recognized each October through educational events, community gatherings, and support groups. In 2018, the Domestic Violence Awareness Project developed a unified theme: #1Thing. “The purpose of this campaign is to remind everyone that ending domestic violence starts with just one small action, whether that is seeking help or sharing resources,” said Fouts.

Lastly, City Hall will be displaying Baby Blue and Baby Pink Lights for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  October is the official month for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, an important time to recognize families and individuals who have suffered such a loss.