Fiat Chrysler Three-Quarter Billion Investment in Warren Proves City Is “In The Big Leagues For Business Investments.”

Fiat Chrysler’s (FCA) announcement February 26 that the corporation is investing three-quarters of a billion dollars in Warren “proves beyond any doubt that Warren is in the big leagues when it comes to business investment,” says Warren Mayor James Fouts in a statement.

The Fiat Chrysler investment in Warren is $1.75 billion creating 4400 jobs at Fiat Chrysler plants in Warren.

The Mayor of Warre, James Fouts also points to GM’s investment of $1.5 billion at the GM Global Tech Center creating 2500 new jobs.

In 2017, Crain’s Detroit Business magazine named Warren is No. 1 in industrial property values, outpacing the City of Detroit.

Some of the recent business investments in the City of Warren are:

  • A New Meijer which created a 120 new jobs
  • A New Kroger Marketplace which created 240 new jobs
  • John Macomb Oakland Hospital which created 100 new jobs.
  • Lipari Foods which created 300 new jobs
  • Eckhart, Inc. – a controls engineering, robotics, and welding corporation which created 100 new jobs.
  • Old Navy – a clothing and accessories retailing company
  • Sketchers – a lifestyle and performance footwear company.
  • Osh Kosh – a children’s apparel company
  • Weight Watchers – ., is a global company headquartered in the U.S. that offers various products and services to assist in healthy habits, including weight loss and maintenance, fitness, and mindset.
  • Paslin Corp –  A Manufacturing company that provides unique solutions to the global automotive industry.
  • Troy Laser – a Laser Cutting Company
  • Proper Group – a rapid prototype development and injection mold company.
  • And many more!!!

In fact, since 2015, 355 businesses have opened in Warren with the city’s building inspection division averaging $4 million annually in inspection fee revenues since 2016, as well as averaging 12,500 permits and 37,000 individual inspections.

“The building inspection fees are more than the ones collected in any year since Warren became a city,” said Mayor James Fouts.  “The business investments at all levels prove that we are a dynamic city that is business-friendly,” added the Mayor.

Mayor James Fouts also affirmed that Cadillac is moving its Headquarters to Warren from New York City, adding that Elcometer, an international company that builds and markets inspection equipment, recently decided to move its North American Headquarters from Rochester Hills to the City of Warren, after considering Houston, Miami and Detroit.

“The vice president wrote the city (of Warren) a letter praising our professionalism and business-friendly administration,” said Mayor Fouts, who last Friday wrote to Amazon to move its second headquarters to the City of Warren after it decided against New York City.