City of Warren prepares to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Warren Mayor James Fouts is pleased to announce that the City of Warren will again be celebrating Martin Luther King birthday on Monday January 16 Noon at City Hall.

LAM church and Bishop Caste will again be a key participant in this ceremony. This will include their inspirational choir and music.

Jocelyn Howard Chairperson of the Warren Planning Commission will be hosting this great event.

Mayor Fouts is proud that his administration was the first in the City of Warren to have this event.

This is a time to celebrate inclusion in the City of Warren and to remember the contributions and message of Dr. Martin Luther King.

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Warren Mayor James Fouts believes that the City of Warren is the only city in this area that celebrates Martin Luther King birthday at City Hall.


“Certainly we are one of only a very few cities in Macomb County that honor Martin Luther King!”