A momentous week without power.

Last week was somewhat of a momentous week dealing with the major wind storm that left thousands of Warren residents without power for almost a week.

Mayor Fouts is pleased that that we his Administration was able to move quickly in securing generators for a number of Warren residents.  Some were elderly and some were young people with small children who were able to cope with this historic power outage.

Known for his hands-on approach, the Mayor of the City of Warren, James R, Fouts personally was part of some of those generator deliveries to offer hope and reassurance to the City’s residents.

Mayor Fouts quickly prioritized the conversion of the City of Warren Community Center into a “warming” Center with sleeping cots and blankets, hot showers, freshly prepared and hot meals, water and snacks, Wi-Fi, and of course plenty of places to recharge electronic equipment.  Essentiality, creating a home away from home for the many residents who would have otherwise nowhere to go to get away from a home without heat.

“I was happy that we were able to make a difference for people in need” stated the Mayor.

The City of Warren Department of Public Works took the charge in tackling a variety of storm related issues (generators, tree removals and clean up), while the City of Warren CERT team did a great job with regards to downed wires, manning the community center and assisting with other related storm work.

“In one instance, I was pleased that I was able to make a small difference with an 82-year-old couple who had a live utility pole in their backyard and was teetering toward their home. DTE was contacted and finally the pole and danger was removed from their home. What made the situation even more difficult was the fact that the husband was suffering from stage 4 cancer. “Mayor Fouts said in a statement.

The City of Warren Fire and Police Departments, who worked so hard during this wind-storm and ensuing power outage, are to be commended for their collective efforts and fine work.  While there were all kinds of harrowing stories of people facing unexpected hardships, many in The City of Warren stepped up to the plate to help make life a little more tolerable during this horrendous storm.

Needless to say, The City of Warren, and Mayor’s Fouts Administration was the only major city that provided generators for its citizens in need.   Mayor Fouts is very proud of his administrations tremendous efforts in continuing to serve and protect the residents of the City of Warren.

NOTE: The City of Warren Civic Center Library had an unexpected storm related problem due to not having sufficient power and heat and will be closed for the remainder of the week due to repairs.

For residents who are still without power, please note that the City of Warren has generators. Contact Mayor James Fouts’ Office if you are still in need of a loaner generator.