Mayor James Fouts is very happy to note that a number of new investments in the city of Warren have been approved.   These investments will provide additional tax dollars, new jobs, and new buildings which will enhance the look of the city of Warren.

Santana Tool & Design – (move from Madison Heights) $2.6 million & 38 jobs

H & P Technologies- (moved from Oakland County) $2.8 million & 65 new jobs

Dana Inc.- purchased U.S. manufacturing Corporation for $100 million, which has generated 800 jobs and new investment of $50 million.

Kroger- $30 Million / 150 jobs- Following the removal of the blighted K-Mart located at 13 mile and Schoenherr, a new Super Kroger is building a 126,000-sq. ft. facility.

Meijer- $30 million / 100 new jobs / $6 million just to do the environmental clean-up of functionally obsolete buildings. This will also create 160 construction jobs for 12-18 months. Turning an obsolete 50+ year old building into a upscale shopping market for healthy foods. The area of 10 & Schoenherr is currently lacking in this type of development. This will be an 80,000-square foot development.

Lipari Foods- $30 million investment / 300+ jobs. Building a high tech 250,00 square foot freezer, terminal, and food processing operation.

The bottom line is that under Mayor Fouts’ Administration, a lot of new jobs were created and millions of dollars in new investments have completely changed the landscape of Warren.  It is also important to note, that the investments in the City of Warren outlined above, are in addition to the huge investment by Chrysler and General Motors in Warren.

Warren is now at the helm of new developments, and there is hardly a week that goes by without some potential new investment coming to the City of Warren.

Mayor Fouts welcomes new business to Warren and welcomes new residents to Warren.

Warren continues to be an inclusive place for everyone!