Warren Mayor Fouts issues storm alert and preparation ‘All Hands on Deck’.

Storm alert and preparation…”All Hands on Deck”

  1. DPW, WWTP, and the entire City are in preparation for the severe storm this weekend.  Stand-by and overtime approved.
  2. Anyone who has previous experience with flooding should remove all valuables from the basement or place them in a higher place. This storm may be the worst one in years.
  3. We have checked all of the storm drains that frequently flood by making sure they are clean and clear.
  4. We have purchased higher pressure pumps to eliminate street flooding in key areas.  It will lessen flooded basements in certain areas.
  5. We checked our overflow basins to make sure it was empty and ready to receive additional sanitary water.
  6. All pumps are checked and ready to go.
  7. DPW and WWTP are both on standby for downed trees and flooding.

Specific measures for our Warren Waste Treatment Plant include:

  • Electrical staff and mechanical staff put on standby
  • IPP staff ready and available
  • All available pumps are ready and operational
  • We are at firm pumping capacity at the plant
  • All new bar screens are installed
  • All grit channels are in service
  • Prepped chlorination and dechlorination systems Thursday.  Will be ready for the storm!
  • Generator ready and available and both lines of Edison available
  • WWTP Director Bryan Clor met with operational staff to discuss strategies and readiness.

Warren Mayor Fouts wants to emphasize that the City of Warren will spare no cost to protect Warren residents from flooded basements and streets.  We will not skimp on overtime.  We have our staff on standby ready to tackle this storm whenever it rears its ugly head.  In addition, Mayor Fouts urges everyone to help out by clearing any drains that may be covered with leaves or anything else in front of their homes.  The Mayor will also be monitoring this storm all weekend.  Good Luck with your preparation!