Warren Mayor James Fouts has consistently been receiving complaints and concerns from some Warren residents about the inconsistency with mail delivery. So much so that he has decided to request that residents with complaints email their concerns to:
Warren Mayor James Fouts will then evaluate them and make an appointment with the postmaster about this problem. People have expressed frustration with not getting packages on time or medical supplies in a timely fashion. Others have concerns about not getting their unemployment check. Many are frustrated that they do not get mail delivery for days and sometimes weeks.
The Mayor’s previous discussion with the postmaster was that all mail goes to Topeka, Kansas and when they have a COVID-19 outbreak or some other complication, that delays mail delivery by days and even weeks.   Mayor Fouts has accepted that explanation to a point but now with the continuous inconsistency of mail delivery has decided to delve more deeply into this to see if there is any way mail delivery could be improved.
To let Warren Mayor Fouts know if this is a problem and how is it a problem, please make sure you email your name, phone number, address, and zip code. Thank You!
Note: The biggest complaint is that they do not get mail delivery for a long period of time and that the mail truck comes very late and there is no accurate prediction on when it will be delivered. Earlier this week Mayor Fouts noticed that the delivery vehicle was on his street after 7 PM.