Good news and good things for the City of Warren

Good news and good things for the City of Warren

City of Warren won a potential million dollar plus federal lawsuit against a Warren by an employee who sued the city. City of Warren had very effective legal counsel, who were well assisted by City Attorney Ethan Vinson and Human Resources Director Mark Simlar.  The federal jury took only a short period of time to rule completely in favor of the city on all counts.   Apparently, no media was interested in City of Warren’s winning side of the lawsuit.

City of Warren Council will be following up Mayor Fouts’ administrative moratorium with their own moratorium on medical marijuana until the current ordinance is improved and amended.

Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer will soon be issuing some additional bold moves for neighborhood policing.

Downtown Development moving full steam ahead. The City of Warren has seven interested bidders and a good plan and engineering sketch for the pedestrian bridge. Significant funding is already committed for this bridge.