During his State of the City reception on June 24th, Warren Mayor James Fouts promised residents that the City would be getting tough on several bad Warren landlords and that would include jail time.  Mayor Fouts is pleased to announce that after a 24-hour stakeout at a rental home, the City of Warren authorities apprehended a bad landlord who had at least 69 outstanding tickets for blighted homes over the past three years. 

Albert Thrower, a resident of Cleveland, Ohio and a one-time millionaire, owns four homes in the city of Warren that are all in disrepair. Mr. Thrower also had violations of the International Property Maintenance Code and a failure to apply for city certifications.

Mr. Thrower was hiding in the basement of one of his illegally occupied homes before he was apprehended. This arrest demonstrates loud and clear that bad landlords will be apprehended and will face jail time for property maintenance violations in the city of Warren.

This is not the first time that Mr. Thrower has been on the wrong side of the law. Mr. Thrower has been convicted of fraud, mail conspiracy, and mail fraud among other things. 

Mayor Fouts is very proud of the great work of the City’s property maintenance employees and police officers. The City of Warren has a list of at least seven more chronic landlords that are facing the same charges and jail time.