National Defense Museum in the CIty of Warren – Memorial Park

Mayor Fouts is excited to announce that the City of Warren has entered into a lease development agreement with the Arsenal of Democracy for the National Defense Museum.

This museum will be located at Memorial Park in the City of Warren and will be housed in a 25,000-square foot structure.  The term of the lease will be for 99 years.  The Museum will be on the site of the former swimming pool closed by the previous administration many years ago,

Mayor Fouts is very happy to announce that this will be the first major museum to be located in in the City of Warren.

While the City of Warren currently has a museum, the Historical Museum, located inside the Community Center, the National Defense Museum will showcase the history of contributions to national defense made by Michigan’s industry and veterans.

The Museum will include a welcome center, a special events hall, a hands-on learning area and museum featuring artifacts, vehicles, equipment and exhibits showcasing the contributions made by Michigan’s industry and the sacrifices made by the state’s men and women at home and in all branches of the U.S. armed forces.

Mayor James Fouts is also happy to announce that no funding will come from Warren, and all development costs will be paid through a substantial fundraising campaign.

Companies such as Ford Motor Co., Fiat Chrysler, and GM will have an opportunity to contribute to this great project which focuses, among other things, on national defense and the historic role that our automobile companies played in the war effort.  Another major theme of the Museum will the World War II.

This is indeed great news for the City of Warren, that will now become the destination place for the Metro area, Michigan, and the Nation!