Warren Mayor James Fouts to Honor Caregivers

City of Warren Will Honor Caregivers

Add residents of the City of Warren who have or are caregivers to the list of residents to be honored by Mayor James Fouts.

In past years, Mayor James Fouts has honored veterans, firefighters, police, students, volunteers, centenarians, and many others at ceremonies held in Warren City hall.

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“We want to recognize those volunteer caregivers for relatives, friends, or neighbors at a special ceremony,” said Warren Mayor James Fouts, adding that caregivers are the “quiet unsung heroes who make life easier for those unable to care for themselves.”

Now is our chance to celebrate the sacrifice of these caregivers, and to show gratitude by nominating them.

In order to be eligible, the Caregiver must be a resident of Warren, caregivers must have cared for or is caring for a loved one (i.e. grandparent, parent, child, close friend, neighbor or relative, etc.).  Caregivers cannot be employed by a caregiver business.

Caregivers can, and are encouraged to self-nominated or be nominated by someone.  Even if the caregiving duties have ended, nominations can still be made.