Great news Warren is still the #1 city in population in Macomb County! We also are still the 3rd largest city in the state! We reversed a 60-year decline in population going back to 1960. Our 4% increase in population for the 2020 census is much larger than the state increase of only 2%. Surrounding cities did not do as well. Detroit lost population by a -10.5%. Flint lost 21%. Warren was able to reverse the trend in part because of the #MIWarren campaign on broadcast and cable TV sponsored by the DDA.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts also appreciates the resources and help that Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel provided for meeting with residents and providing pizza, salad, water, gift cards and sweets. Despite a lower Census registration rate in Warren compared to cities like Sterling Heights, the City of Warren was still able to reverse our population decline!

The City of Warren’s aggressive advertising campaign encouraged people and businesses to move to Warren. It was widely predicted that Sterling Heights would over-take us and that did not happen. Mayor Fouts’ critics on the council openly predicated that Warren would drop in population because of his administration. Actually, for the first time in decades, the the City of Warren is attracting more people and businesses to move to the City.

“On a personal anecdote, I have had people tell me that the only reason they moved to Warren is because of “Mayor Fouts and his administration”, a city that cares and a Mayor that personally communicates with residents daily until 10PM at night solving issues and taking care of their needs.” Said Mayor Fouts. This administration has always been about taking care of people first with a safe and clean city, and now we have an opportunity to continue attracting families and businesses with the new downtown. This downtown will be an attraction to rival other downtowns.

It also doesn’t hurt that Warren has the best Police and Fire Departments (new fire station) in the state, roads are being repaved in record numbers, parks are being revamped (skate park and more amenities), Library services expanded (2 new libraries), flooding issues are being solved with the detention basin and now the NEW downtown!