Sometimes there is a real challenge to be positive and upbeat and a good servant of the public.

Sometimes there is a real challenge to be positive and upbeat and a good servant of the public.

A former city official is attempting to get even with the Mayor of Warren for multiple police raids on his illegal drug office over the past six months.

The individual, former city official Michael Greiner, was recently on a local news channel deflecting and blaming the Police and the Mayor of Warren for his own greed for wanting to profit from the operations of a marijuana dispensary, essentially operating a pot party store.

Sadly, one of the News reporters covering the story even went as far as insinuating that something illegal was taking place in the City of Warren.

The Mayor is rightfully proud of the city’s great accomplishments in 2016.

The City of Warren has the best Fire Department in the state, having won the American Heart Association’s top award for several years in a row.  The City of Warren also has new Fire Engines, new EMS vehicles, and a lot of other new equipment to help save lives and keep the community safe.

As many Warren residents know, Warren has an outstanding police department that has made unprecedented strides in combating heroin use, elder abuse, and illegal marijuana establishments.

The city of Warren has pioneered the prevention of elder abuse scams and has led a consortium of other cities. Warren is fighting crimes that most cities ignored!  The city has also led the state in the fight against heroin and opioid abuses. Warren Police Department raided several drug homes in Detroit in June and shut down some illegal operations and helped indict 13 key leaders of the Detroit Polo Heroin Drug operation in September.

The City of Warren has a strong fund balance, most likely one of the best in the area.  Because of the Mayor’s initiatives, the City of Warren has drastically reduced waste, strengthening Warren’s fund balance, in order to continually fund much needed programs in our City.

These efforts have brought companies such as General Motors, who has invested $500,000 million in a new GM Technical Center and created 2000 jobs.  The City of Warren is currently working on a new veteran’s project for residency in the city.  Additionally, the City of Warren has a new library to be completed for opening in February, while the dedication ceremony is still tentative.

The City of Warren will finally have the first new first run movie theater. This dedication is tentatively scheduled for February as well.    Other new development include the new Meijer’s Superstore at 10-mile Rd.  and Schoenherr and a new Super Kroger store at 13 mile Rd and Schoenherr.

The City of Warren has a host of other new developments including a solution to the flooding with a detention basin, and a new Downtown Warren area.  The City of Warren is setting a goal for a 5-star hotel and upscale shopping stores, including a Whole Food, Papa Joe’s and similar venues.

The Mayor’s service to Warren residents is 24/7 .  Famously not having taken a vacation since elected 9 years ago, Mayor Fouts works through many lunch hours and is always happy to meet with residents and address their major concerns.   Unfortunately, for some in the media and for some with an ax to grind, it’s not enough.

Mayor James R. Fouts would like to state that he is extremely appreciative of those who showed up to offer support and express their satisfaction with how the city of Warren is moving ahead under his leadership.  Mayor Fouts would also like to thank the council majority for their support, and of course, thank the people whom he serves and who believe in him, despite what appears to be piling on.