Great news for the State of the City address – Mayor James R. Fouts

Great news for the State of the City address – Mayor James R. Fouts

Mayor James Fouts will be able to report on a very healthy fund balance, probably the best in the Metro Area.   Specifically, between business growth and expansion, the City of Warren will have a very healthy income.

Mayor Fouts is happy to announce that this healthy revenue allows the City of Warren to invest in the City’s infrastructure, that has long been neglected.

Among the first initiatives will be a new road project, the first in over fifty years! Additional investment includes the new detention basin in an effort to curtail flooding.  This major effort was approved by the council in December.  A move that immediately saved the City of Warren $30 million by not being part of the OMI pipeline.  In addition, Warren taxpayers will not be burdened by the yearly encumbrances to help pay off the OMI sinkhole collapse, whose cost is now up to $140 million and growing.

The City of Warren is also investing in its future by building two new libraries in the southwest and southeast portions of the city.  This will be the first new library in that area, or at least in a very long time.  The City of Warren is also investing in a new Civic Center near 9 and Van Dyke whose aim will be to serve the needs of South Warren.  Mayor James Fouts is also happy to announce that the City of Warren Council has just approved a new veterans housing project that will serve South Warren.

Warren Mayor James R. Fouts

Additionally, the City of Warren will invest in developing new police and fire stations to serve the expanding needs of South Warren.

Continuous improvement in the quality of life for Warren residents has been a cornerstone of Mayor Fouts’ tenure, and the Mayor is glad to continue on the trajectory of continuously improving the quality of life for the Residents of Warren, from east to west and from north to south!

And the best is yet to come!